DJ^Morkie, our friend, family, mascot, angel.

It is with a heavy heart, tears, and deepest regrets that I must say that our little Morkie flew to the heavens on June 30, 2015 to be with the angels and other family members. He will live on forever here at Rockit Radio Live and in our hearts, he was a vital part of this family and his passing is an amazing loss. Morkie's antics were a treasure to hold onto forever, as was he. May the heavens wrap him in their arms and love him as much as we all do. Morkie remains the mascot of this station and always will, it just now, that he is our mascot with a beautiful white aura, halo and the most precious angel wings that any could ever behold. We love you, Morkie, now and forever. Sleep well our angel. May your life in heaven be as beautiful and loving as it was on earth.



Rockit Radio Live Owner

DJ Moonchyld

** Please note ALL show times are in Eastern Time.**





irc server:

Station Room: #RockitRadio

Sponsor Channels: #moonie`s_den, #RockitRadio

Please be aware this IS an adult entertainment station, and the server is not for the young!


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